Another 8th Edition Game with Ogres

Tuesday evening myself and Tyler attended the Maelstom gaming evening for a game of 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy.  The gaming hall was packed with war gamers playing a wide variety of games including 10/15mm Napoleonic, Flames of War, Warmachine, Blood bowl, 40K and others.  The atmosphere in the hall was brilliant.

My Ogre Kingdoms list was a little different from my last game of 8th edition…

Tyrant with the usual Tenderiser and Wyrdstone Necklace
Slaughter Master with Bangstick and Dispel Scroll
Bruiser (BSB) with Sword of Might  (Used one of my Maneaters)

6 Bulls with Additional Hand Weapons and Bellower
3 Bulls with Additional Hand Weapons and Bellower
4 Ironguts with Standard and Bellower (Tyrant and Bruiser sits in this unit)
5 Ironguts with Standard and Bellower (Slaughter Master sits in this unit)
20 Gnoblar Fighters
20 Gnoblar Fighters
10 Gnoblar Trappers

2 Leadbelchers with Thunderfist
2 Leadbelchers with Thunderfist

Gorger (which I forgot about all game!!)

Tyler played my Warriors of Chaos…

Daemon Prince with Tendrils and Fury of the Blood God
Chaos Sorcerer Level 2 Mark of Tzeentch, Black Tongue
Chaos Sorcerer Level 2 Death Magic, Infermal Puppet
Exalted Champion (BSB) Mark of Tzeentch and Rod of Torment

13 Chaos Warriors with Full Command, Shields and Mark of Tzeentch
10 Chaos Warriors with Full Command, Shields and Banner of Rage
15 Chaos Marauders with Full Command and Flails
5 Marauder Horsemen with Full Command and Shields
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds

5 Chaos Knights with Full Command and Mark of Tzeentch

Chaos Spawn

It was Tyler’s first game of 8th edition, which resulted in a Massacre Win to the Ogre Kingdoms.  All that remained on the battlefield was the Daemon Prince, unit of 10 Warriors and a unit of Warhounds.  Even though I won, a few dice rolls and the game could have gone either way.  I lost my Slaughter Master to a miscast, but Tyler’s luck wasn’t there.  If Tyler had been more lucky with a Gateway roll, then my Tyrant and Slaughter Master unit would have been wiped out.  My Tyrant and a unit of Gnoblars defeated the Warriors containing the BSB and Sorcerer, the Tyrant killed the champion for +5 overkill which helped.

I am still not sold on the 8th edition changes to the game.  But what was very apparent was the measuring of anything at anytime.  For example turn 5 saw all of my Ogres charge into combat, some of these charges I would not have considered under 7th edition rules, either because they looked more than 12 inches away or the wheel to make contact would have meant a failed charge.  It just seems that the pre-measuring has made it a much simpler and easier game to play.  You measure the closest distance between the units, subtract 6 inches and need to roll that amount on two D6, where is the skill and judgement in that?  It was that skill and judgement in 7th edition that got me interested in the game, mind you I sucked at the skill and judgement.  But a rant over the 8th edition changes is for another day and another post!

It was a fun game and a brilliant evening, I would recommend attending the Maelstrom gaming evenings.

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