Warmachine games so far

Myself and my son Tyler have been playing a lot of Warmachine recently.  I have Protectorate of Menoth and Tyler has Khador at the moment we only have a Battle Box set size armies, but Tyler has the Butcher warcaster.

Having played around a dozen or so Mangled Metal games, Khador is winning most of the time.  I have only won a single game up until now!  Mind you every game we play it seems that we discover we have been playing certain rules incorrectly!  Most of the games I have lost is where Khador has killed all of my warjacks under the rules for Mangled Metal, so may be next game I will hold back a light warjack to protect my warcaster.

Mind you the Butcher on the charge with Weapon Master and loaded with focus can make a mess of my forces!


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