First 8th Edition Game with Ogres

I had my first Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition game last night at Maelstrom Games.  I played with my Ogre Kingdoms army against James’s Dark Elves at 2,250 points. I haven’t yet got my hands on the new 8th edition rule book (will probably wait for the soft back version in the new box set now) so I muddled through.  Therefore my Lords and Heros were not armed with any of the new magic items.

My list in breif was…

Tyrant with the usual Tenderiser and Wyrdstone Necklace
Slaughter Master with Siegebreaker
Bruiser (BSB) with Sword of Might and Talisman of Protection (Used one of my Maneaters)

6 Bulls with Additional Hand Weapons and Bellower
3 Bulls with Additional Hand Weapons and Bellower
4 Ironguts with Standard and Bellower (Tyrant and Bruiser sits in this unit)
5 Ironguts with Standard and Bellower (Slaughter Master sits in this unit)
20 Gnoblar Fighters
20 Gnoblar Fighters

3 Leadbelchers with Thunderfist
3 Leadbelchers with Thunderfist


Thoughts on the game and army…

James’s Dark Elves was very much like a standard 7th edition build, three units of Dark Riders, two units of ten Archers, a unit of twenty Black Guard, a unit of ten Shades, a unit of six Cold One Knights and two Hydras.  End result was all of my Ogres removed from the battlefield, a very very bad lose.

The two units of Leadbelchers which were protecting the flanks both fell in battle to shooting and magic.  The Gnoblars fell to the Hyrda and Black Guard.  A big mistake was not fleeing with the units of Gnoblars, I decided to stand and shoot instead (bit of a stupid move).  Now with my flanks exposed my army was looking very small on the battlefield, which is something that is unusual.  I would have had six units remaining in my standard 7th edition build, but with this build all I had remaining was four.  The Dark Elves were outnumbering the Ogres by turn 3!

I found that even though the Ironguts had more attacks, the Black Guard with their attacks were removing Ogres before they could attack.  The low initiative of the Ogres is now a big problem to overcome.

Highlights of the battle was the Gorgers removing the unit of Shades, then with standing an onslaught of Elven shooting for two rounds.  One final blow for James was when his unit of four Cold One Knights over ran into a forest therefore taking a dangerous terrain test, you guessed it James rolled four one’s!

Thoughts on the Ogres…

I would like to get another Scraplauncher so will probably drop one of the Leadbelcher units.  A Butcher would also be a nice addition, so may be the unit of 3 Bulls could be dropped (but in doing so I need to combine the Gnoblar Fighters into a single 40 model unit!).  But in getting another Scraplauncher I need two units of Gnoblar Fighters and therefore two units of Bulls.  Bloody stupid Ogre Kingdoms army restrictions, are you reading this Phil “Ogre Kingdoms Author” Kelly.  At 2,400 points I will have more options available, but at 2,250 points the army looks a lot smaller than it previously did!

Will have to get the Warriors of Chaos on the battlefield for a 8th edition battle soon.


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