D’ Oh

I had a game over the weekend with my eldest son. I played with the Ogre Kingdoms and Tyler played my Warriors of Chaos in a 2,250 point game. The Warriors of Chaos came out on top with a marginal victory, which isn’t bad as Tyler hasn’t played for around three years and only just picked up the Warriors army list before the game!

One thing came up in the game which got me thinking. Tyler cast a spell with his level four Deamon Prince. The spell was cast successfully, yet Tyler picked up a dice to re-roll because the Deamon Prince had Tendrils. I said “Why are you doing that, the spell is cast?“, Tyler replied “Because changing this roll of a one makes it harder for you to dispel“.

D’ Oh…. Bleeding Obvious, yet I had never considered re-rolling a dice for a successfully cast spell, Stupidly in my mind I would only re-roll a dice for a unsuccessfully cast, that being my reasoning for that item being in the list.

Yet Tyler didn’t have any preconceptions behind my reasoning why the item was in the list. Because of this his view having only picked up the army list was completely different to mine. The item says can re-roll a casting dice, so he did.

So a very valuable lesson learnt. Even though you don’t need a re-roll to cast a spell, taking the option could improve the chances of Irresistible Force or making it harder to dispel.

This may seem obvious to others reading this post, but to me at the time it wasn’t.


2 responses

  1. Even better – wait for your opponent to attempt a dispell first. If they beat your roll then you reroll one of the lowest in an attempt at beating their dispel.

    June 6, 2010 at 3:09 pm

  2. We used to play a game called Raw deal. Whenever we made a playing mistake, we would drop a nickel in the pot (we called it the Stupidity Fund). Every so often, someone else would point out a mistake we had not even realized we had made by saying, "That's another nickel for the Stupidity Fund". The beauty of it and your son is…it really helps to have another set of eyes look at things we know too well. They pick stuff up.Good post.

    June 7, 2010 at 3:34 am

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