Winter Incursion Aftermath

Over the weekend I attended my first two day tournament at Maelstrom Games in Mansfield.  This has to be the best tournament I have attended to date.  The tables, scenery, food and overall experience was excellent.  I had six great games against brilliant opponents.  All in all a fun weekend, I would definitely recommend Maelstrom tournaments.

I ended the weekend in 29th out of 30 players, avoiding last place.  My target for the weekend was to at least win a game and avoid last place.  My best results out of the six games was a draw, but I did avoid last place!

Game 1 – Kirt with Lizardmen

A first for me playing against Lizardmen.  Sadly a massacre lose by 1,241 points.  This was a long ways deployment scenario, not good for an army with movement four.  Didn’t roll up Infernal Gateway on either my Deamon Prince or Sorcerer, but as the weekend spanned out this didn’t really matter.  I had 250 more points in this game, so on came the Chosen.  I was happy with the way I played, but Kirt and his Lizardmen were by far better.

Game 2 – Andy with Warriors of Chaos

On to game 2 and I played Andy from Andrath’s Wargaming Blog.  So a “Battle of the Blogs” so to speak!!  The game ended in a draw, with me up by only 57 points.  If I hadn’t had charged my Daemon Prince into a unit of four Chaos Ogres then the Daemon Prince would probably have not ended on half wounds.  This could have possible cost me the win.  The plan for the weekend was to keep the Daemon Prince out of combat and hidden from shooting, but I just couldn’t resist.

Game 3 – Alex with Dark Elves

A solid lose by 937 to end day one.  Alex’s Death Hag raped my entire first rank of Chaos Warriors in a combat.  I did managed to kill the Dragon with Flickering Fire and Infernal Gateway.  Managed to get Pandemonium to remain in play for most of the battle.  The bolt throwers and hand bows were a real pain, Alex played well his shooting, along with hatred did a lot of damaged.  Not to mention that Death Hag!

Game 4 – Ed with Dwarfs

Another first for me playing against Dwarfs.  However another massacre lose to start day two!  This was another deployment scenario, I had to write down my deployments then Ed got to deploy his whole army.  I then revealed my deployments.  Basically it ended up with Dwarfs in one corner to my left and the bulk of my army in a corner to my right.  So I could either hide in the corner and play for a draw or walk diagonally across the battlefield towards the gunline.  I chose to make a game of it and started walking.  Big mistake!!  Ed’s gunline was on fire all game, not one misfire and all his range guesses were spot on.  The cannons, bolt throwers and stone throwers completely raped my entire army!

Game 5 – Rich with Beastmen

Yet another first for me playing against Beastmen.  And yet another massacre lose. This was another long ways deployment scenario with a random deployment.  I never really got to grips with this game.  Rich played his Beastmen army excellently, whilst I reacted to his army.  A large combat ensured in the centre of the battlefield, I lost and it was really all over.

Game 6 – Guy with High Elves

Last game and another shooting army and archers, bolt throwers and a dragon.  And another massacre lose.  No scenario’s here just a pitched battle.  Again I never really got to grips with this game either.  Too much shooting and just couldn’t get to grips with the dragon.

Final Words

The Dice Gods were not favourable for me over the weekend.  I did roll up Infernal Gateway in all but the first game.  But I never rolled the magic number for the strength all weekend.  In fact I would say that over the six games Flickering Fire was more destructive than Infernal Gateway.  I had started the weekend five dicing Infernal Gateway, but come the end was two dicing Flickering Fire and four dicing Infernal Gateway.

The Chaos Spawn was a complete waste of time and points.  In six games I didn’t roll a single dice in close combat.   Not being able to control the movement was a pain.

So with the Warriors of Chaos I have now played nine games at two tournaments, won one, drawn one and lost seven.  The one game I did win, I really don’t look at as being a win.  That game was won because I cast Infernal Gateway on a Vampire Lord and removed the unit, game over for the Vampire player.  My Warriors of Chaos army build isn’t really up to the task, with Infernal Gateway being the key component.  I have found that the Magic Phase for me and my opponent gets a bit boring.  How many times can you say “Infernal Gateway on that unit” over a weekend, without sounding boring and predicable?

So I am taking a few months off tournaments and Warriors of Chaos for a while to practise with my Ogre Kingdoms.  Hopefully I will be attending the Summer Incursion in a few months time, and with my Ogre Kingdoms.  As I find my Ogre Kingdoms more challenging to play with.

All in all an excellent tournament really enjoyed the weekend and every game.

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  1. Nice write up, sounds like a slightly frustrating weekend, particularly the scenarios didn't really do a lot to help your army out.Hope you find a way of getting the army to work as hate to think of WoC as a one trick magic pony.

    March 30, 2010 at 7:19 pm

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