Eve of the Winter War 2010

On Sunday I will be leaving early in the morning for the two hour drive down to Reading for my first tournament of the year Winter War 2010 held by the Spiky Club. This should be the last tournament outing for my Ogre Kingdoms army for a while, as the painting of my Warriors of Chaos is progressing nicely.

One of my new year resolutions is to achieve a Warhammer Fantasy Battles UK ranking of at least 250th, I am currently 955th so have a lot of catching up to do!  So I have done some calculations and I need to be placed 44th or better to be on target.  Of course should I not meet this target of 44th there are still plenty of tournaments this year to achieve my target.  After some more calculations I estimate that somewhere around 28 tournament points should see me finish in and around 44th place out of the 72 players.

However because its the first tournament of 2010 and only my fourth a more realistic target would be to avoid being in the bottom ten places, if I do this then I will be very happy.  Its always healthy to have a target!

*** Update: First round draw has been posted on TWF and it Dark Elves round 1 ***

This is my Ogre Kingdoms 2250 point army build that I will be taking.

Tyrant (286 pts)
Heavy Armour, Luck Gnoblar, Sword of Might, Wrydstone Necklace, Daemon Killer Scars

Butcher (180 pts)
Bangstick, Dispel Scroll

Hunter (235 pts)
Sabretusks x 2, Beastkiller, Greyback Pelt

Hunter (200 pts)
Sabretusks x 2, Beastkiller

Bulls x 3 (127 pts)
Bellower, Additional Hand Weapon

Bulls x 3 (127 pts)
Bellower, Additional Hand Weapon

Ironguts x 4 (247 pts)
Bellower, Standard Bearer, Look out Gnoblar, Rune Maw

Ironguts x 3 (174 pts)
Bellower, Standard Bearer

Ironguts x 3 (154 pts)

Leadbelchers x 3 (165 pts)

Leadbelchers x 3 (165 pts)

Maneaters x 2 (180 pts)
Heavy Armour, Great Weapons

I have given both the Hunters the Beastkiller big name, as I plan to use these to hunt down large monsters and dragons.  Daemon Killer Scars on the Tyrant makes him cause Terror, not used this item before could be interesting on the effect if any!

Depending on terrain and my opponents army I will probably deploy both Hunters on a flank together and both Leadbelchers together on the other flank.  The butcher will be deployed centrally.  I could put both the Tyrant and the Butcher in the 4 strong Irongut unit, again this is dependant on my opponents army.  This will be my first tournament with both Hunters, let see if two are better than one!

I will be posting the usual tournament report sometime next week.

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