Bellowers How Good are They

Bellowers (aka Musicians) in my mind are a must in any Ogre Kingdoms army.

The “To Rally” roll for an Ogre bull unit is on a 7+ that’s a 58% chance, roughly half.

With a Bellower then its on a 8+ that’s a 72% chance, nearly a three in four chance. The 14% chance increase for only 10 points is a massive benefit.

A unit of Ironguts chances of rallying increases 11% from 72% to 83%.

Also bear in mind that a unit of 3 models can never go under the 25% model count limit to be able to rally, so therefore even with a single model remaining you can still rally the unit.

In my mind along with the drawn combat +1 combat resolution benefit, every unit that isn’t Immune to Psychology must have a Musician.


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