Podhammer was the very first Warhammer Fantasy podcast, and to my knowledge the first wargamming podcast. It has been running since August 2007.

I started listening from around episode 15 and have been an avid listener ever since. Its the best Warhammer Fantasy podcast available for Warhammer content and especially entertainment value.

Podhammer is the brain child of Jeff Carroll an Australian, Jeff fronts the shows along with regular co-hosts Matt Cole and the legendary Dave Palmer. If you have listened to the show you will know what I mean describing Dave Palmer as legendary.

At the Podhammer is on indefinate hiatus, but a couple of Aussies including Trent Denison who hosts A Dogs Breakfast have taken over hosting a few episodes on behalf of Jeff. I hope Jeff all the best for the future and hope to hear him back on the podcast.

Click on my side bar banner to listen to the latest episode and link to the website.


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